When choosing entertainment for your kids party there are many things that I think are good to consider to make sure you get the best option and when it comes to kids party entertainers it’s extra good to ask yourself some of these questions when comparing different companies…


Obviously being referred to a company by a friend or seeing an entertainer in person is the best way but if you aren’t familiar with the kids party scene and want to look around at what’s available it’s good to look for independent reviews. 

Do they have customer reviews on independent pages such as Trademe, Google, Facebook or do they only have reviews on their website? (which they obviously control) 

How recent are the reviews? Are they regular? 

Sometimes companies loose quality entertainers or change the way the company operates thus affecting the quality of their service – so what might initially seem like a good amount of reviews is actually quite old or have long gaps in between which could indicate a hit and miss with their quality. 

Who’s gonna turn up?:

Are you fussed about who will be doing the entertainment? 

Some companies are owner operated so you know the quality you’re going to get but many kids party companies operate by using a range of casual workers to do their parties and this obviously affects the quality of entertainment and you might not know who you’re going to get and what their skills/personality/professionalism/reliability/suitability is like! 

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