I have a large range of activities/skills/games/crafts that I can provide for a kids party and you can choose what you think the kids would be keen on or I can just come prepared with a mix of activities and play it by air on the day. 

My current standard mixture includes games, music, tricks, balloon twisting, giant bubbles and face paint tattoos if time permits.



Easily the most popular hero for kids parties and my favourite suits to wear. I am obsessed with getting all the different suit styles! It’s also so much fun to climb up something high for that epic entrance! 

SuperFun Parties - Spiderman Costume (2)
SuperFun Parties - Spiderman Costume (3)
SuperFun Parties - Spiderman Costume (4)
Spiderman SuperFun Parties
SuperFun Parties - Spiderman Costume (6)
SuperFun Parties - Spiderman Costume (1)
SuperFun Parties - Spiderman Costume (1)
Spiderman Far From Home


My favourite superhero of all time! 

Like in the Dark Knight movies, it’s taken some work to piece together all the different parts of my Batman costumes from different suppliers and the end result is so satisfying! 

Captain America

Captain America Costume

With a fully magnetised shield Cap really comes to life!


The best one for younger kids who might be a bit scared of masks! 

Superman Costume


The hardest suit to get right…

I’ve managed to find a good balance between getting the look of the suit and being able to move and do practical things! 

Iron Man Costume



Green Lantern

With ring to make big green balloon things!

Green Lantern- SuperFun Parties Costume


I’ve got a black ninja costume if the kids are after that! 

Black Ninja Costume

Black Panther

A new favourite hero of mine after seeing the movies!

Black Panther Costume


Another of my favourites… so much fun doing all the sprinting and racing!
There was a lot of work that that went into making the mask look as good as it does… you wouldn’t want to see the original!

Flash Costume

Darth Vader

Darth Vader

Complete with lightsaber and voice box!


I have both a regular Jedi and dark side Jedi to choose from.

Bumblebee Transformer

Recently getting more popular for kids!
I’m quite happy with the real working headlights upgrade of the suit! 

Bumblebee - SuperFun Parties Costume


Deadpool and Spiderman - SuperFun Parties Costume

Obviously kid friendly Deadpool!

Red Power Ranger

Red Power Ranger

The stylised design from the recent movie!

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime - SuperFun Parties Costume

*still in workshop. Enquire for more info! 

PJ Masks

I have managed to put together Gekko, Catboy and Owlette! 

Catboy Costume


Gekko Costume


Owlette Costume


Mr Incredible

The Incredibles are here!

The Incredibles

I do have female entertainers who can be female superheroes so do enquire if that’s of interest and I’ll see who’s available. 

– Wonder Woman 
– Spidergirl
– Catwoman
– Supergirl
– Ms Incredible 

Please feel free to enquire about other superheroes that you don’t see here as I am always working on getting new characters!

Wonderwoman COstume


I’ve got a range of cute animal friends that can join the kids party with me on their shoulders! 

These costumes always get a great reaction from both kids and adults and aren’t scary for little ones since my face isn’t covered! 

I usually start the party with a short 15 or so minute interactive dance show with the kids and then take a quick break to get out of costume for other activities such as balloon twisting and giant bubbles.


Piggy Back Photos (2)






Captain America









Mike from Monsters Inc.

Tag us in your awesome photos with Trey @superfunparties

  • Always be yourself unless you can be a super hero, then always be a super hero 🦸🏽‍♂️ .
Aston’s super hero party last weekend was so much fun! He had a great time with his friends and didn’t stop smiling - that’s what it’s all about, right? But the highlight of his day was meeting Batman! 
I’ve saved my stories from the party to my highlights, make sure you check them out to see Batman in action! .
Balloon garland - @omgnessstyling 
Furniture hire - @partiniparties 
Cake - @bondie_designer_cupcakes 
Entertainer - @superfunparties 
Tableware - @poprocparties .
#astonblakeleeturnsfour #superheroparty #superhero #superheroes #fourthbirthdayparty #fourthbirthday #imthatpartymom #omgnessstyling #partiniparties #bondiedesignercupcakes #superfunparties #poprocparties #spotlightnz #lovefromseventeen #kmart #kmartnz #kmartnzlovers #looksharpstore #nzmum #nzmumblogger #nzmumlife
  • #flowerfacepaint #flowers #purple #prettycolours #malimagical
  • Never one to use the word “princess” to describe my little one... but may have been tempted once or twice when she was in her absolute element during her 4th birthday festivities last weekend. I guess as Elsa though, she’s technically a queen. 😂
@super_fun_parties did an epic job of entertaining nearly 30 1-8 (mainly 3 and 4) year olds. 🎉🙌🏾👍🏽
Wishing you a weekend of magical moments with whoever is blessed to be in your company. Have a great one! .
#magicalmoments #birthday #celebrations #weekend #familytime #renewal #worklifebalance #motherhood #parenting #mindfulness #timeflies #Frozen #Frozen2 #superfunparties (@super_fun_parties)
  • Thankyou so much to Flash for attending my sons 5th birthday !! He was super stoked at you came and showed him how fast you really are !! You made his day !! #turning5 #myson #superfunparties #flash #partytime
  • #HappyHalloween😃🎃 #thepolicegirl #funnypeople #superfunparties #nosdivertimosunchorro 🎃
  • Another amazing balloon creation by @superfunparties . Trey, you are an inspiration and godsend to mums everywhere 🎈🎈🎈
#squoodlesnz #networknz #wenetworknz #nnzoct18 #balloon #balloonart #superfunparties #unicorns #unicornballoon #kidsparty #birthday #party
  • Loving these pics from our Mt Albert BIG spring market and Teddy Bear's fun and adventure morning a week ago.  Who saw Trey from @superfunparties at our market.  He and his friend Teddy were awesome! 
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  • Come and meet Trey and his friend Teddy from #superfunparties at the Teddy Bears Picnic at Auckland Mama Market this morning!!
#aucklandmamamarket #kidsclothes #babies #toddlers #kidstoys #littlekids #littlekidsauckland #markets
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